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At Newsom Productions, we wanna create a unique and adventurous filming experience. Let's go explore a National Park, Amusement Park, Restaurant, Beach, In Your City or Town, and Your Home. We wanna see your childhood old tapes and relationship cell phone footage that we can include into your wedding/engagement films.

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Every single chapter of working with Newsom Productions is genuine and handcrafting a wedding film that equally brings love and endless happiness for years to come! Your experience equally important to us, so lets create and adventure together

the vision and founder of Newsom Productions. If I can handle flying an airplane, I can certainly handle capturing your wedding day.

As I look through a telescope or pointing at a world map, I remember each of us has a story we want to share. Past several years has been a true blessing. As a storyteller and filmmaker, I want to develop those authentic stories that will bring excitement, laughter, joy, and love for years to come. I’m here to help tell your love story exactly as it is while capturing the emotion and candid moments with each other. Writing in my notebook I enjoy expressing moments and remembering times in my life that I don’t want to lose forever. Picking up my first Canon handheld camcorder trekking through the Himalayan mountains and summitting Gokyo Ri at 18,000 feet just in awe on how picturesque and majestic this moment was. That’s exactly when I made the decision to make this a career-life decision. Becoming a filmmaker and photographer has been easiest decision of my life, it has allowed me to travel the world and document each moment through my eyes. In return, if you’re always down for a storytelling adventure, ready to capture some real moments through a lens, not afraid to get dirty throughout our journey, then I certainly might be just for you. Life is so short; we must adventure and see what the world has to offer. Let’s visit the mountains, waterfalls, new cities, dance in the streets, and look up at the stars. New adventure always around the corner. Navigating this life and telling stories is untouchable, certainly always keep turning the compass and share my work behind the lens.

Expressing thoughts and imaging destinations. As a storyteller, I’ve been blessed capture my vision and love of the world through aerial photography and cinematography for the past six years. Expressing my thoughts and vision from above has been such a gift. It takes our stories to new heights and destinations. It expresses the moments a little brighter and clearer.

Drones has allowed each of us to feel deeper and more excitement in movies, wedding, and narratives more than ever lately. Now I can share my vision and creativity with the world with drone photography and aerial cinematography.

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MARCH, 2019


My parents, brother, his wife, her family, and family best friend traveled to Bonaire, Caribbean Netherlands to go scuba diving for the week. Bonaire has some of the most beautiful, protected reefs in the world. I accomplished 21 dives, averaging 19 hours exploring Bonaire reefs in 6 days.

I went on 12 day African safari through South Africa region. During our visit, we went to Phinda Private Game Reserve. We got to witness a full grown Lion roaring at the night skies while looking at Southern Star and Milky Way in the African wilderness. Another life-changing event!

I went trekking and climbing in the Himalayan, Mount Everest region during October 2009, climbed and summitted Gokyo Ri overlooking Mt. Everest at 18,000 feet. Our return back to Kathmandu, my great uncle and aunt opened up a library for 2,000 Nepalese children. It was life-changing event and help me continue volunteering much as possible through my life so far, 14 year member of National Ski Patrol.


If you are inviting me into your story from the air or on the ground, I plan to become friends with each of you for life!



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